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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

San Miguel de Allende 2019

One week in (or close to) the dead center of Mexico, 14 students, 1 assistant, and 1 faculty member constituted one of the most intensive study travel experiences I, personally, have had.  In the U.S., 8 months later, we are still processing all that we experienced. It was with the expert facilitation of Jorge Catalan and Wendy Coulson, plus a most gracious hostel host, and exceptional tour guides that we were able to witness so much of the beautiful culture and ever-present challenges of daily life in San Miguel de Allende. We are ready for more, August 15-29, 2019. This time, with service learning.

Our group, each contributing an important life skill, interest, and energy to our travels

Student Kate, Teacher Gigi, and Assistant Dan

Excursion: The nearby pyramids, close to where we stayed at a mystical ranch

The mask museum, San Miguel de Allende


Mexico’s food heritages
The Colombian exchange
Food and identity
Mexico today – NAFTA, the environment, changes and challenges
Colonialism and neoliberalism
Land-reform, revolution, capitalism & narco-corruption
Export agriculture, groundwater extraction & migration
Organizing, empowerment & revolution


Day 1: Orientation
Day 2: Guanajuato
Day 3: Caminos de Agua/San Miguel de Allende
Caminos de Agua’s facilities & introduction of water technologies including: rainwater
harvesting systems, ceramic water filter production, biochar production, slow-sand biofiltration,
passive solar water pump, bicycle water pump, sustainable brick manufacture, and sustainable
building practices; Spirulina Viva’s Production (Spriluna Blue Algae Production); Atotonilco, 500-year old UNESCO World Heritage Site
Day 4-7: Food, Soil, and Carbon: Vía Orgánica ranch
Day 8-9: Water/Impact of foreign assistance on development project
Days 10-12: Pozo Ademado Community Center; Participation in the construction of a 12,000-liter rainwater harvesting system during the
Day 13: Post-Service debriefing/assessment

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