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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Biodynamics Unleashed! At the Community Food Co-op Tonight!

From Goethan metaphysics to cosmic configurations, we had a great discussion tonight at the Co-op. thanks to all who attended and to our hard working farm family of Inspiration Farm. Michael Long provided quite his own inspiration as well. Steiner would be proud.

More on Resilience -- and Biodynamics ("From the Sublime to the Divine" the Co-op Tonight!) See Co-op Listings....

Agroecology students enjoy more work with Henning and Scott on Lopez island.

Village Books talk -- a great gathering....also, tonight at the Co-op!

Village Books --  a well-attended talk (60!) on     

·      the decline (destruction of) kitchen literacy (thanks Ann Vileisis for a stunning book on the topic)
·      the deceptive advertising (right, Annie’s Green Goddess dressing under the Trader Joe’s label??) and the NRA-like devotion to TJ’s  hors d-oeuvres, dips, other delights for any and all baby-boomer soirees (and even for younger folks) – watch for more here on Trader Joe’s Nation
·      the wisdom of Sandor Katz and his critique of…consumerism and elevation of all-things-fermented
·      and the ever-instructive mantra of Slow Food – Good-Clean-Fair – for mindful eating.

Resilience -- Student and Farmer Practitioners Speak!

Resilience Workshop -- Students practice resilient-farming in our Mock workshop (USDA small-farms grant)....and enjoy some FLOSSY-food (Fresh, Local, organic, sustainable, and/or Seasonal!)

.........and wise words from Sweet Grass's Scott Meyers....on "farming with nature".......

Celebrating Community -- More food for thought!

...with the January Seed-Swap (see earlier posts) and delicious yogurt chese.

Yogurt cheese with bread crumbs….. It’s easy to make “yogurt cheese” from homemade fresh-milk yogurt, which is then left to drain in a cheesecloth for several hours – I use the whey for lacto-fermenting beets (to make beet kvass) and the lovely yogurt cheese rolled in our very own fermented sourdough bread.

A Trip to the Esoteric and the Practical (Farms on Lopez)

Gigi's agroecology students visit with biodynamic guru Henning Sehmsdorf (note soils, livestock diversity, dairy, and BD prep storage) and Kobe beef farmer extraordinaire Scott Meyers (note livestock health and pasture management). The nourishing bean soup -- prepared with on-farm foods and rich in bone-broth -- took one week to prepare.

Sweet Grass.....................

One Way to Use Fresh Milk (for Cooking)

Scalloped potatoes! See

Farms! Farms Farms! Good times and good field trips in our agroecology class!

Thanks to Whatcom County farmers for hosting us! Matt Eldridge and family.....

and Growing Washington (thanks Clayton and Jay)!

More images from the Slow Food event at the Co-op/Biodynamic Farming Event at the Co-op Tonight!!!!!!

These images are from our Jan 12 Slow Food gathering at the Co-op. All are welcome to the Feb. 15 Biodynamic Farming event tonight!

More nourishing foods from the holidays

The .05 mile diet: Scarlet-runner bean stew and steamed (low-sugar) pudding -- nutrient-dense foods so important for a nutritious diet for dancers and other athletes.