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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

The postings most appropriate for you have the label, "Resilient Farms."

Monday, September 17, 2012

...and busy September -- Whatcom Farm Tour and more slow food

 Farm Tour with Farmer Ben

...and good pies

 ...first harvest of plums
and the flock's first egg.

Busy August -- From One Straw Revolution (revisited) to good, slow food

Larry Korn at Inspiration Farm in Whatcom County

...and at Village Books, promoting Sowing Seeds in the Desert

 Larry Korn walked with Masanobu Fukuoka

 ...back to Slow Food, on Shaw Island
 ...the farm enterprise
...and a gathering for 130 or so. With much slow food available.

Farm Professor George Conneman: A Tribute

My recent trip to Cornell had a very nice surprise: A visit with Professor George Conneman, my Farm Business Management professor in Agricultural Economics in the 1970s at Cornell. I attribute so much of what I do and teach now to the classes I took in Agricultural Economics and Agronomy at Cornell. Dr. Conneman was very gracious, even to a city girl from L.A.

Fourth from the bottom, Gigi Berardi
Professor Conneman, in his office at Cornell

The Cow Whisperer

Also in the Ithaca/Watkins Glen area, the cow whisperer -- Melanie Janke. Ms. Janke knows by name (she named them) 175 of the 700 cows she milks on my friends' dairy farm in Schuyler county. Her experience is vast, her wisdom the same -- and there's no one more sensitive to sick and needy livestock. And she's gracious, too -- she gave me some good pointers on cow handling. They worked!

Ithaca is not just gorges, but the most delicious of foods (August 2013)

Ithaca Farmer's Market -- going strong for almost 40 years.

Slow Food for Symphony Camp

Fresh, Local, Organic (more or less), Sustainable, Seasonal....FLOSS for young musicians (working with a sympathetic institution, much is possible!). July 2012.

Ecogastronomy Intensive in Italy -- magnifico!

Our class. 2013. Images not in any particular order, perhaps roughly chronological. Images of our meals and dinners, cooking class, families, classrooms, staff, early meetings. What an impressive group. I am overwhelmed by the curiosity and interest, the good spirits and graciousness of these bright students. More good times and good studies ahead -- for many of us, together. See you at the forthcoming potluck!