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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

The postings most appropriate for you have the label, "Resilient Farms."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Harvests

Urban wheat, ready to harvest

Plum harvest: Fairly good

Venison roast, grilled

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ciao Thyme cooking course -- our European ecogastronomy intensive begins

No finer dining, cooking prep, and food basics can be found.

Final pre-departure meeting

Knives/cutting class

Tenderest fingerlings

Reducing broth and onions

Protecting eggplant from over-browning

At S & S Homestead, Lopez Island in June -- the summer agrointensive begins!

Enjoying fine biodynamic foods and thought!

Integrated, holistic small-farm viability. Early spring-planting in warm soils gives good results.

At the solstice, time to uncover fermenting preps

On-farm slaughter with Island Grown Farmers Cooperative (IGFC) Mobile Processing Unit -- the first in the U.S.! Processing for biodynamic preparations.  

Press for valerian

Homeopathic soil fertility

Permaculture Magic, Inspiration Farm (Whatcom County)

At the Kerkvliet's Inspiration Farm.

Dozens and dozens of fruit grafts

Hand-crafted cream separators for personal use

The beauty of the wildness, permaculture homeostasis

Farming on the contour, for maximum
water retention -- homemade string lines and plumb bobs.

Beautiful contours

Hugo Cultures

Grinding  silica using Brian's glassworks

Alexandra explaining about cow genetics and breeds

Mycoremediation on the farm

At the Bullock Brothers Homestead site (Orcas Island) -- where wild is beautiful

Permaculture -- where wild is beautiful. Spring, 2011.

When light soils are needed.....

Guilds, multi-function and multi-niche

Grafted onto Hawthorne, note "natural" protection from deer browsing

Utterly moveable outhouses

Utterly-beautiful storage

Outdoor kitchen for the interns

Tulips and comfrey

Permaculture's sweet cicely

Pot, repot, repot again

In the spring, it's necessary to tend to your veggie plants -- give the roots room to grow, then release to the wild of your garden.

Michelle's gardens at the White House!

Tomato stakes visible

Here are the gardens, and the presidential beehives (although they could stand a new Top-Bar Hive or two).

Slow Food for 100 Kids (again)

At the widely-acclaimed Mount Baker Youth Symphony summer music camp -- Summer Sounds.

Lovely Ciao Thyme food

Whidbey Rice

The food was delicious, but the music was superb (see below)