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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

The postings most appropriate for you have the label, "Resilient Farms."

Monday, June 17, 2013

First class meeting, Salmon intensive and potluck extraordinaire

Thanks to Melinda of Desire Fish Company

...and finally, we taste the cheese

Six different cheeses, including some special reserves

Molds on cheese

The art, the science....Before going commercial, we check out the molds in the microbiology lab at Western Washington University

Slow-cooked foods, this spring

Pickled fennel -- as from Tamar Adler's books on cooking with economy and grace

Deanna Shannon makes hometown treats, discussing Ivan Doig

My most important crop



IAN, BELT CEREMONY (Muoy Thai -- my sport of choice now, too)

JIM AND IAN, getting ready to leave for Nairobi

Vegan donuts

Spring gardening

Soaking pea seeds, before planting (directly into garden)

Rich but light soil needed for starts

Soil temps should be about 60 degrees for good germination --
I know it's hard to see the needle climb past 40 in early spring (patience)

Chickens clean up

Still eating tomatoes in April -- but saving the seeds of this sweetest cherry ever

MIchael Medler rocks the world of fire and sulfur

He, and Michael Pollan in Cooked -- but Michael and a few famous fellas before him were first.

When is Vitamin D the actual sunscreen?

Always. YOu also can thank sulfur. See previous post. Pop words on this at: Parade magazine, 6/16/13

Stephanie Seneff rocks the biochemical nutrition world