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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

More about Brian Wansink

For Wansink, we can influence behavior by the kitchenscape, tablescape, platescape, foodscape – using placemats as boundaries, changing serving bowl sizes, avoiding eating directly from packages. With even food transfer implements (serving spoons with a round shape, REF: B 44, 132) causng larger food intake, it is not difficult to see how all of these external factors trump “nutrition information,” in terms of food consumption.[1]

Wansink has been very active in redesigning school lunchrooms, one of his major initiatives. REFS: B 9, B 54 Interesting research on this includes restricting paid lunch cards to healthy choices, using cash vs. debit cards for sweet and processed foods, and also making sire that there is plenty of choice B 66. From his work, he is able to identify the behavioral triggers that lead to selection and consumption of healthier foods.

How to rearrange the lunchroom?  
            *Move the fruit
*Move salad bar to closer to cash register
*Offer a choice of carrots or celery
*Encourage to use a tray so as to be likely to add side dishes
*Change defaults…peas on the tray is the default, have to ask for tater tots
*Pay cash for desserts
*Preselect meals form a menu board rather than waiting until you get to the food line.
*Add a convenience line that offers only healthier food options

[1] Project M.O.M.: Mothers & Others & MyPyramid. Wansink also talks about the gatekeepers B26-28, B26 parenting practices can really influence behavior choices by obese children. Brian’s research on women, from 50s on  Kitchen Literacy. Moms can make a difference in terms of what gets purchased B28

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