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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Manures, Biodynamic Composts, and Fertility Management

At the farmstead. Following our snowy Thanksgiving, and in a narrow window of warm weather, I was able to build a fall biodynamic compost, as well as check on how well previously-applied manure had decomposed on the fields. Below, sulfur rich manure ready for application (see MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff's essay on the importance of such fertility inputs at Also see and
Below, ash minerals, "green" organic matter, "brown" organic matter, nitrogen-rich cut grass/hay, manures, peat moss (as per Steiner's first recommendations in Agriculture). All mise-en-place -- ready to build the compost. Note that the peat moss is to be used sparingly -- as it was in Steiner's time. The compost was to be made, almost to homeopathic-scale recommendations, so as to conserve resources. For this compost, we used some peat moss from material remaining after establishing an acid-loving blueberry stand. Organic substitutes for the peat moss are possible -- and depending on relative availablity, certainly desirable.

One view of the completed compost pile after BD preps have been applied.

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