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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local -- the end of an era for Pastazza's in Bellingham

The day-long farewell at Pastazza's yesterday was certainly an event of mixed emotions. After almost three decades of the Bermans restauranteering local foods (and most astoundingly, in the case of their Innisfree restaurant, with its offering of owner-grown nourishing foods), the uncompromising and tasty kitchen is finally closed. Business was booming in the past month (leading up to the closing) as loyal customers scrambled for their last chance at the hand-made pastas and pizzas and other fabulous dishes.

If Fred and Lynn had seen just 25% of the business this past month, over the past year, Pastazza's would still be open. For sure, there were some loyal customers and utterly loyal staff -- Anne, the faithful pasta maker, 25 years; Sue,  pastry chef and office manager, 19 years; Andy, lead dinner chef, 14 years; Mike, lead lunch chef and chief of ordering, 14 years; Ken, 7 years; Ambyr &  Melissa, 6 years; Brendan & Rachel, 4 years,  as well as the remainder of our staff, Carrie, Caitlin, Lexee, Walter, Travis, Sam, Ginny and Oleg serving from 2 years to several months. What other restaurant can boast such long-time staff -- truly committed to local fare and business?

Please, let's remember:  Buy Local or Bye-Bye Local 
(an expression that Fred himself coined, during his long tenure with Bellingham's Sustainable Connections).

From an earlier e-mail notice sent by Lynn and Fred Berman: It is with with very mixed emotions that we announce our retirement on November 28th. Beginning with Innisfree in Glacier, followed with Pastázza in Barkley Village, and Pizzázza & Book Fare in Fairhaven, we've been privileged to serve you and to be a part of the local restaurant community. Pastázza has been an integral part of our lives with you, our customers, who are like family that we look forward to welcoming into our 'home'.                                                                                

Fred continues his hard work with WSDA, ensuring that farms of all scales have a chance to prosper. Were that only true for homegrown restaurants as well.

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