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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Solar Nutrition: Fat and Sun are not three-letter words (only)!

As I opened my window yesterday to let in as much sun as possible (yes, it was a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest), I realized that I was accessing Vitamin D, through one of the most available sources, the sun. Vitamin D, of course, isn’t so much vitamin as steroid hormone (responsible for the production of many compounds – antimicrobial peptides and more), and critical in regulating body levels of many chemicals, not least of which is, well, fat! That fat is an important endocrine organ is now common knowledge, thanks to the scholarly work of MIT computer scientist-turned diet researcher, Stephanie Seneff (see links on my blog,

What does Seneff say is a best source? The sun. And, what does low sun, and low Vitamin D do? Well, make you fat. For more, see recent work by Seneff:

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