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Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

Welcome to this site, all interested in resilient farming!

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year: Old Ideas, New Ideas – Weight Control the Easy Way

Personally speaking, it looks like researchers Stephanie Seneff and Robert Lustig (see Gigi’s Top Science pics at this website) as well as Mindless Eating’s Brian Wansink ( might be right in terms of weight management. These science giants and, to this I humbly add my current work on Cook More, Eat Less, all weigh in on the side of excess carbs (for Wansink) or just carbs (for the others) as the cause of fat gain. Indeed, for Seneff, fat is the ultimate metabolic organ and eating carbs (incessantly, according to Wansink) is the surefire way to keep harmful weight, and more importantly, dead fat (again, back to Stephanie) high, high, high. This suggests that “fat” people are fat-deficient. Read Stephanie’s work, for more.

When a young biologist, Loyola Marymount University’s Stephen Scheck (now, Western Oregon University dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), tried to convince his departmental colleague (me) that sugar/carbohydrates was the real culprit in weight gain, I gave the whole idea short shrift in my then current writing project, Finding Balance. Times have changed, as all the material on this website addresses (as well as the second edition of Finding Balance).

So, what’s the personal part? Well, in an empirical/case study, I’ve noticed that in three weeks, over the holidays, my weight has barely fluctuated by more than an ounce or two. What’s the secret, especially with holiday eating?  Whenever I feel like something utterly sugary/ “starchy” – I eat saturated fat. Often, it’s coconut oil in hot water, or it’s cheese, or any number of nourishing fats. 

Party food -- Mozarella in olive oil

Fructose-rich, but mitigated by the fat-rich
 and/or cholesterol rich cream and eggs

For more, see:
Stephanie Seneff (on fat as a metabolic organ, obesity and fat deficits, cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamin deficits and weight gain/neurological dysfunction).
Robert Lustig (the bitter truth on sugar, especially fructose)
Brain Wansink (mindless eating).

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